The success of our training programmes comes from consistent messaging across multiple platforms. All training is based on what we want the sales conversation to look like. Even product or technology training is based around the impact it will have on the customer.

Big Picture’s in house sales process, ‘Pathway’, is tailored to allow key objectives and goals to be reflected within the customer journey.

It has been designed to reflect the key messages of the major retailers, including Dixons Customer Journey and John Lewis’ ‘Love to Sell’. New Pathway modules are trained out each quarter to reflect the seasonal changes in buying patterns – Peak Pathway, Summer Pathway etc.

Clients now utilise our training teams beyond the traditional in-store environment with retailer roadshows, conferences, trade shows, dealer events and reseller/ distribution partner events. Training teams also create the core content of training programmes, allowing them to output the content across multiple platforms including one to one coaching, classroom as well as online or digital. Click to see our digital training.

Many Clients now choose to utilise Big Picture to manage all their training end to end, seamlessly linking the creation and delivery of their content.