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Performance Management

Targets should be SMART, but most performance management processes focus on the foolish. Our team managers work with each team member to ensure that there is a clear and achievable way to reach their objectives.

Carrots and sticks are for donkeys.

Our performance improvement programmes motivate the team and helps us to ensure the right person is selling the right product in the right location.

‘An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.’ – Mae West

POS and Logistics

Banners and leaflets and pens, but why? What is the right point of sale and when should you use it?

We test POS and measure the effectiveness within our promotional campaigns. Working with trusted partners we supply and ship POS to over 500 hubs across the UK.

Lose the clutter and just engage with your customers.

Training Design

Momentum, retention and inspiration are the three key drivers when designing training.

Our Big Picture Training Team work with you to immerse ourselves into your product and culture. By understanding your goals we can weave your objectives throughout the training, delivering a clear message throughout.

Product training is focused on customer usage models and step up selling using our bespoke Pathway Sales Process, and is designed to work in harmony with the retailers’ or channel partners’ own sales processes.

The end product reflects both your brand and Big Picture’s training vision to deliver a simple, effective experience.

ePIC™ Web Reporting

Data when you want it and how you want it. ePIC™ has been developed by Big Picture to be the central hub of all data collection for field staff across the globe.

Your bespoke client dashboard will provide you with live data analysis and ROI reporting via a selection of charts and gauges to give you the biggest picture. Secure login processes ensure your data is always safe and available to all your team.

Tailored web-reporting allows you to slice and dice data by product, store group and even individual location. All secure, all live and all yours.


Digital Marketing with Imagination

Our Digital Imagination Team constantly provide new ways to engage your partners and customers. Give us a challenge and we’ll find a new way to approach it.

Our content is now being used across the world on multiple platforms, from microsites which allow customers to have a virtual experience of a product, to Android and iOS apps used by sales staff to show off a ‘killer feature’.

‘Is your product training lifeless? We can give it some soul by creating a sales led product experience, fully SCORM compliant and ready to upload directly into your customers’ LMS.

Our Digital Training Content from iBooks to Sell up Guides are distributed using Big Picture’s own online content portal, SEE-DRIVE. Now used by client and retail staff right across Europe.

Let us help you to think differently. Our Award Winning Team will show you how to make your dreams a reality.

‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ – Albert Einstein


Talent will out. Our recruitment team hunt out the best and the brightest to be your face and your voice. Every candidate is profiled to match a campaign. One size never fits all. Full face to face interview processes and skills testing ensure that our teams are the best fit for you.

Our team hail from many backgrounds including:

Industry Professionals, Product Trainers, Seasoned Sales Staff, Actors, Photographers even Jazz Guitarists!

The goal is always to use a team you would be proud to call your own, and lift your brand to a new level.

Pathway Sales Training

Pathway is a flexible and modular sales process designed by Big Picture to incorporate all the key skills required to match, and sell, the best product with your customers.

Working with the major retailers own processes we can provide an effective system which is also familiar. Pathway is constantly developed using feedback from our Sales Teams to ensure your product is relevant and our delivery is simple, but direct.

Your products will be integrated within Pathway using our ‘Discovery’ questions, providing seamless training of both product and process. We don’t sell to our customers, we sell with them.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is not a mystical art.

By taking over the management of your devices we will be able to monitor the security and updates of the most important tool our industry has ever seen. Our Mobile team will manage device profiles that comply with all your IT Security guidelines. In addition we provide content management and delivery, so your agent in Berlin has the latest training presentation seconds after it has been launched.

Our team manage iOS, Android and Windows devices with both corporate and BYOD profiles.

As Mr Jobs said, ‘It just works’.