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About us

We like to focus on the small details

Momentum, retention and inspiration are the three key drivers we stand for. Our Team work with you to immerse ourselves into your product and culture. By understanding your goals we can weave your objectives throughout the training, delivering a clear message throughout.

The end product reflects both your brand and Big Picture’s training vision to deliver a simple, effective experience.

Netmarque Limited trading as Big Picture was established in 1996 by our CEO Jayne Thorburn.

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Specialised team

Don’t over-complicate the sales process.

Talented teams with strong knowledge provide a simple message. A customer expects to purchase, we provide them with a reason to do just that. When we sell we leverage both volume and value, to ensure the customer leaves with the best product for them. Innovative demonstrations grab your attention and win Hearts and Minds of both store staff and customers alike.

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13 Netherwood Road
Brook Green
London W14 0BL

Enquiries: +44 (0)20 73714455

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