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Retail Sales Teams

Don’t over-complicate the sales process.

Talented teams with strong knowledge provide a simple message. A customer expects to purchase, we provide them with a reason to do just that. When we sell we leverage both volume and value, to ensure the customer leaves with the best product for them. Innovative demonstrations grab your attention and win Hearts and Minds of both store staff and customers alike.

Size is not important! Whether it’s 3 or 300, we provide tactical teams that hit the ground running. The Client Services Team will ensure we turn around your brief quickly and effectively.

With experience in selling products from tablets to televisions you know you are in a safe hands.

Winners of the 2014 Field Marketing Awards for Instore demonstrations



Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Your product stands out only when it is correctly priced, positioned and more importantly ON THE SHELF.
By building relationships with store staff our teams can leverage the sell through of your product by ensuring it appears to your customers exactly how you have imagined it to.
Full compliance audits give you all the information to know how to stand out from the crowd.

Brand Ambassadors

We know what your customers want. They want to be heard and helped.
Whether in trade shows, exhibitions or even promotional leafleting, by using confident and trained staff your customers will never hear – ‘I don’t know, I only work Saturdays’

Retail Training

We train to sell, and more importantly sell well.
Using interactive training assets Big Picture Trainers will ensure trainees are engaged and awake! It’s not just about selling, we train to sell the best product the customer deserves.
By delivering concise messaging a sales team can be trained to discover what the customer needs, even if they don’t realise it.

Mystery shopping

It’s all in the character and planning.
Mystery shoppers have multiple scenarios and matrix scoring to convert a random in store conversation into a wealth of valuable data.
Scalable and flexible options allow one off spot checks and regular monitoring to ensure that your brand vision is being delivered.

Digital Marketing

Bring your products to life with interactive customer content.
Big Picture’s Digital Imagination Team will help you create a new in store experience, converting your existing assets into engaging, living content. From iBooks and widgets to app development, our team of marketing ‘geeks’ will show you what’s possible.

By creating effective Digital Training modules, the Digital Imagination Team will support the training and advocacy of your products to your retail partners.

For more information check out our Digital Website

Managed Resource

More work, missed opportunities but no resource? Every business could do with another pair of hands, but you need to know that they are working to your agenda without you having to micro manage the process.

Big Picture provide resource, indistinguishable from your own staff, working in sales, training, business development, demonstration and account management. Both in consumer and B2B, let us take the weight off.


Fitting a square peg into a round hole is all about creativity. Big Picture’s senior management have over 150 years of combined experience (not all in one person).
Use our knowledge to help you overcome some of the barriers to being successful.
With a proven track record in training, channel sales and routes to market we offer a partnership to deliver.

Project Management

Step by step our Project Team will take over the management and delivery of both the day to day and the inspired ‘Eureka’ projects you have imagined.

Full and frequent reporting allows you to be confident without drowning in charts and to do lists. With such a broad spectrum of services, Big Picture ensures that any project can be managed under one roof.