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Full Service Sales Team

Challenge: Take over a large existing UK in store team, and provide a complete infrastructure of sales and marketing support services for one of the world’s premiere imaging companies.

Solution: Our HR team facilitated a seamless transition of existing staff (TUPE) into Big Picture’s nationwide team structure. Full induction and sales training was supported by a new regional management structure to build a base for 30% team expansion. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the client and Big Picture identified opportunities within the client’s marketing team which would benefit from a funded head. These new roles, managed by Big Picture, provided sales and marketing services to retail, B2B and reseller channels.

Success: The client now enjoys an entirely flexible and scalable field sales team across multiple channels, including support at the client head office.

We support and deliver allowing you to build and grow.


Global Reach

Challenge: Influencing and training call centre sales teams is all about being there when it counts. Our client needed to elevate their brand in global call centres to ensure their product was part of each sales conversation and that all sales opportunities were being identified and leveraged.

Solution: We had to ensure that as part of the client’s infrastructure we were compliant with all corporate governance and local employment legislation. Our HR and Client Services teams worked closely together to build a profile and recruitment/ management process to trial one head in India. A fully managed resource is not just about recruitment. Dedicated account management ensured that the client’s objectives drove every activity: brand advocacy, local intelligence and increased sales performance.

Success: 12 years on we now provide staff across Europe, Africa and Asia, influencing over 1500 sales staff. Our face to face meetings are attended by stakeholders from around the world to get that key global insight!

Digital Oceans

Challenge: The world’s largest Cruise Company approached us with an interesting challenge: to provide an enrichment and sales channel, teaching passengers how to get the most out of their technology and offering products for sale on board.

Solution: We used two different models for two sub brands of the group. In the first we provided staff across the fleet, fully trained and managed for 365 days a year. The enrichment courses covered basic computing skills all the way up to advanced photo editing. With the opportunity to purchase laptops, cameras and software after the class, the passengers enjoyed the ultimate solution sale.

The second model delivered an entire digital experience. We built an on-board learning environment with rows of iMac client machines, digital displays and even its own Apple Store. The courses were designed to cover both Mac and Windows topics, eventually branching into a complete suite of tablet workshops. Sitting on sofas, tablet in hand, the passengers could learn the secrets of the devices which had, until then, only been used for books, internet and email.

Success: Before launch no revenue was collected when enrichment classes were provided. Since the launch of this new revenue stream in 2010, sales have increased by 62% year on year. Happy client and happy enriched passengers.


Digital Tools – the international solution

Challenge: How to demonstrate a product which cannot be demonstrated? Many of the products we sell have features that are difficult to demonstrate within a store environment. In addition once a sales tool is designed there is a cost to localise content across multiple languages. Having identified these challenges we built a solution.

Solution: By managing in store teams who face these challenges we were able to build a brief which would result in a tool which was both effective and ‘fit for purpose’. We designed an app to enable our teams to demonstrate those killer features through video, images and virtualisation of the product. Our Digital Imagination Team designed and project managed the entire process. The app was tested in store and built around an intuitive interface using no text. By removing text and having the navigation driven by icons and images we built a truly universal solution.

Success: Our client loved the app so much we were able to manage the distribution to sales teams and store staff across Europe. By adding a managed content service we now offer new features every time a new product is launched and teams can receive the update on the day it is launched!


Retail Theatre

Challenge: Sometimes our clients present us with weird and wonderful challenges. Through experiential field marketing activity we had to promote a range of networked technology products in the world’s most famous flat-pack furniture retailer. We could then measure increase in sell through of those products at a nearby retailer.

Solution: We love actors. From the very beginning Big Picture has employed actors to demonstrate products and bring them alive. We wrote characters and scenarios for couples who spent every day ‘living’ in the room sets within the furniture store. Always in character and using the products for work, rest and play, customers could actually see how the products could benefit them in their own lives. The added bonus were the crowds who came to see the video game battles and cooking with technology demonstrations. It felt real and inspired customers to believe in this imaginative community.

Success: Teams at the local retailer measured a 30% increase in sales of products being demonstrated. The retailer also reported an unusual increase in interest in the room sets. It’s a cliché, but people do buy people!


New Product Launch – ‘I like it, what is it?’

Challenge: A global peripherals client came to us to launch a new remote control product. Traditionally the ‘All in One’ control category had been difficult to demonstrate and had not been adopted well by store staff.

Solution: A mystery shop of store staff and customers alike gave us our strategy. Both groups had difficulties understanding the range and immediate benefits to them as individuals. We started by rewriting the product sales guides. The benefits of having all your audio/ visual remotes in one were built into a script for the entry level model. Then a simple step up guide for the rest of the range gave a clear value vs specification snapshot. ‘For £20 more you get 50% more battery life’. This simplified messaging was a departure for the client and the principals were then adopted throughout the rest of the business. We put together a launch team for a six week in store sales and training campaign. The team were entirely self contained with demo kit and portable stands. This allowed us to move around the store between each category until we found a location which maximised engagement.

Success: The in store activity yielded an 88% increase on expected sell through. Data analysis provided information on store groups which showed a higher return on investment enabling the client to increase ranging in these premium locations. The really positive story was the engagement with store staff who were provided with a simple, effective way to sell a product they previously avoided.