Funded Heads


The cost of increased headcount can be a challenge to both budgets and management time. Big Picture provide managed services to augment your existing team across all channels.

Big Picture provides Funded Heads across B2B, retail, sales and marketing, training, event management, brand advocacy and distribution. The current teams are based in cities across Europe and North Africa and are all managed centrally from London. Some Clients have just one or two heads, some will grow an entire team once they have proven the concept delivers real ROI.

All Funded Heads report into one of Big Picture’s experienced senior managers who will work with them to deliver client objectives and manage any training and development requirements. The team integrates seamlessly into the brand management structure adding greater flexibility when resourcing along with new skill sets to boost creativity.

Without Big Picture Funded Heads many of our Clients would fail to deliver against their customer needs because they simply do not have the bandwidth internally.

Our Clients have found Big Picture Funded Heads so successful that many have taken Funded Heads on as full time employees after a few years of seeing the benefit in real terms.

To learn more about how a Funded Head managed service would benefit your business, speak to one of Client Services Team.