IOT, AI and VR Enterprise Solutions


Emerging technologies such as VR, AR, AI and IOT are opening up a whole world of new business opportunities for our Clients with their enterprise customers.

These new technologies are making management, manufacture and monitoring more efficient and effective which is why many Global Corporations want to invest in their future. As these technologies are rarely available in an ‘off the shelf’ package, the sell in/ consultation process can be lengthy and complex. This is where Big Picture teams come in to support the pipeline of opportunities.

We have teams who demonstrate the technology, host on-site training and evangelise the concept. They support lead generation and manage the pipeline of opportunities alongside the Client sales teams. We also have technical specialists who support sales teams at customer meetings to introduce new processes and technologies, ensuring the platform they are designing delivers the best performance.

So whether you are designing virtual training in dangerous work environments, building smart cities or tracking the productivity of your workforce, we will have a solution to drive the success of your product.