Channel Sales & Marketing

Channel 1

Our Channel Teams allow our Clients to reach further and deeper into their distribution and reseller partners. Big Picture has experience across multiple Channel categories including IT, imaging, compute, components, print and broadcast media. Teams deliver a full range of Channel activities:


Effective training on products and sales techniques is essential to maximise knowledge and minimise time away from their accounts. By agreeing specific deliverables and timelines Sales Managers are happy for their teams to invest time away from selling to enable them to be trained. Additional training support can be provided in both printed and digital format to maximise knowledge retention.

Spiffs and incentives

Sales incentives need to be constantly monitored and fed back to be effective. Sales tips accompany distribution of leader-boards to ensure sales teams are aware of their progress and momentum is maintained.

Hype/ Blitz days

Hype days should be fun as well as challenging. Finding creative ways to drive competition between sales teams is the key to a successful activity. Our teams bring both their commercial knowledge and personality to these events to get the most out of every £ invested.

Floor walks

Emails and telephone conferences are no substitute for visibility and a regular presence. We schedule and communicate floor walks and hot-desk days to maximise the number of sales teams who have access to our staff. They know when we are there and they see our support. The feedback we give to our Clients on both business sentiment and the mood of the floor is invaluable.

Deal support

Timely intervention on large deals or bids is vital to help our Clients and Partners win a tender. Deal support does not always revolve around pricing. Quite often we can win a deal with a customer visit or by providing seed units for them to test.

Partner events

Our Channel Partners run regular events for their customers and resellers. Our Channel teams support these nationwide events with booths, running breakout sessions or even delivering keynote presentations on our Clients’ ranging and roadmap.